BY : Rebecca Ejifoma

Bent on cutting edges despite their physical barriers, a non-governmental organization, Star Children Development Initiative, has trained over 50 women entrepreneurs living with disabilities in digital technology.

These women were trained for two days in Lagos on the theme, “ICT/Entrepreneurship Training”.

Founder/CEO, Mrs. Grace Alexander Abimbola, gave reasons for promoting digital technology for these women entrepreneurs.

“You cannot overemphasise the role of technology in business today, for visibility and for marketing of products; part of it also is that women are really disadvantage,” she explained.

Highlighting the association’s decision to carry everyone along irrespective of any form of disability, Abimbola said, “They are humans first. They need to be part of the global community. They need to be visible. Their disabilities should not limit the opportunities that will enable them flourish, contribute to economy income growth and achieve sustainable livelihood.”

Beneficiaries of the tech-training were people who engage in micro, small and medium enterprises.

The founder who revealed that her 24 years old son, who has some disabilities, inspires her, noted that , “he is the inspiration behind what I do and it’s fantastic how technology has connected everybody irrespective of disabilities”.

Noting that Nigeria has about 30 million people living with disabilities, she added that it was necessary they were connected to their environment and the world.

One of the beneficiaries, Ms. Asumpta Khali, lauded the initiative. “I appreciate the concept of considering people with disabilities as part of the project. The ICT training will go a long way by helping us create awareness for our business and also gives us a sense of belonging,” she expressed.

For Khali, the mother of two, the digital training boosted her capacity especially in the aspect of social media for marketing.