This is the 26th year of celebrating United Nations’ International Day for Persons with Disabilities. It is usually observed on every 3rd . This celebration aligns with the #2030SDGs mantra that says ‘LeaveNoOneBehind’
I particularly like the theme for this year which is ‘“Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.
It is so sad that most people living with disabilities are often ignored and neglected.
I thank God for United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which emphasized on Inclusive Education, Inclusive Growth, Health for all, Inclusive Human settlement, Accessible cities for all, irrespective of their disabilities
It high time our government adopts an inclusive approach that makes every person with disabilities have access to all opportunities that are for people who are non-disabled. Everybody matters irrespective how disabled they are, we are all human beings as long as we live and we all have #RIGHT to #LIFE
I will like to use this opportunity to celebrate my beautiful son aka Prof and other persons living with all forms of disabilities.
We must appreciate the fact that they are human beings first and foremost with potentials. Their disabilities whether visible or hidden do not make them less of a human being.
Star Children Initiative Team celebrates you all