Mrs Grace Alexander is a compassionate advocate for persons living with disabilities in UK and Africa. Grace has a degree in both English language and Education at University of Ife, Ile-Ife Nigeria and she also trained as a qualified Social Worker from Metropolitan University, London. She is an avid disability champion with a view to promoting social cohesion for persons with disabilities within their wider communities.  

Grace is the founder and CEO of  Star Children  Development Initiative (SCDI) which offers support to black and minority ethnic parents of children with special education needs and disabilities. Drawing on her personal experience as a parent of a Special Education Needs & Disability’s (SEND) child she created Star Children Development Initiative  to provide awareness on disability issues, support and educate parents and advocate for the rights of the disabled child. Grace is very concerned at the sense of isolation many parents of SEND children experience both here in the UK but also around the world within communities who are less sensitive to the challenges faced by SEND children and their families. 

The organisation carries out work in Nigeria and United Kingdom where they work to develop ‘community sensitisation’ to the challenges faced by children with disabilities and their families, youths and women who are often marginalised. Here in Hackney, Star Children’s Initiative works with parents to build a network of peer support; to connect with resources and learn about how they can best support their respective disabled children.

Grace is also a co founder/Lead Convener of Every Women Matters UK Summit, a not-for profit organisation which have been tackling development issues relating to the Girl Child, Women, Youths, Disability, Education and Economic Empowerment in both United Kingdom and Africa. We have come together to be a voice of change for all persons with disabilities especially youths, women and girls living with disabilities with the aim of highlighting the challenges faced by them in areas of education, domestic violence, leadership, economic development, sexual, reproductive rights and political participation. Grace believes in the power of collaboration, coming together to empower our youths, women and girls with disabilities. It is only together that we can make a real and lasting change.  Grace has also collaborated with so many organisations both in Uk and Nigeria, to mention a few  such as CAMHS/NHS East London Foundation UK, Commonwealth Secretariat UK, TWERP, Empower A Woman, Nous organisation and members of House of Lords in UK where we have held series of summits in promoting inclusive society, thereby tackling stigma and discrimination and promoting fair representation of persons living with disabilities in development. 

Grace is a mother of 27 years young man who was diagnosed with epilepsy and global developmental delay at age 7. She has also won so many awards both in Nigeria and Uk, she is also a recipient of Hackney 100 Women Award 2019 for her services to disability issues in the Borough of Hackney UK and multiple awards winner. She is also a Trauma Informed Care specialist and a Strength Factory Coach

 We also believe in equality and social justice for all without #LeavingNOOneBehind. Everybody is a unique with abilities. Grace is happily married.